Introducing Suvaxyn® SIV

By admin | October 13, 2016 | Blog

Introducing Suvaxyn SIV…the newest member of the Suvaxyn Swat Team!

Tough on flu. Easy on pigs.

Swine Influenza is a growing threat


  • Swine Influenza Virus (SIV) is an acute, fever-inducing respiratory disease of swine that is on the increase causing significant losses in today’s hog farms.
  • The two most common strains of SIV in Canada are H1N1 and the more virulent H3N2.
  • Clinical signs include coughing, abdominal breathing, fever, depressed appetite, lethargy and abortion (especially with H3N2 strain).
  • Your best weapon to fight this attack is new powerful Suvaxyn SIV.


Suvaxyn SIV flattens the flu bug


  • Suvaxyn SIV is a ready-to-use vaccine that provides excellent protection against H1N1 and H3N2 strains known to affect North American herds.
  • Suvaxyn SIV works to reduce coughing, fever and flu-associated pneumonia.
  • It is proven to help reduce viral multiplication and shedding and even cross protects to the recent H1N2 strain.
  • Suvaxyn SIV is proven to be tough on flu


Suvaxyn SIV is a gentle giant


  • While tough on flu, new Suvaxyn SIV is easy on pigs.
  • It is proven safe for your whole herd, even piglets 7 days old and sensitive adults, such as pregnant sows.
  • Studies involving over 3400 injections resulted in zero injection site reactions and only 2 allergic reactions, giving Suvaxyn SIV a 99.5% reaction free rating.


Another secret weapon — mineral oil-free adjuvant!


  • Suvaxyn SIV uses an aqueous-based adjuvant, rather than mineral oil—a substance suspected to be one of the co-factors that can trigger PMWS in circovirus infected pigs2,3.
  • One Iowa State University research trial demonstrated that circovirus is present for extended periods and in greater quantities in pigs vaccinated with a mineral oil adjuvanted vaccine.1
  • Suvaxyn SIV, with its mineral oil-free adjuvant, won’t trigger PMWS in circovirus infected pigs2